We mine MEDICAL BIG DATA and implement ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE strategies in order to predict, prevent, detect and control the main chronic diseases affecting Mexico.

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Making an Impact


Percentage of members that reduce their BMI through our personalized follow-up programs.


People with improved water access due to SAHNA’s home water filter service.


Estimated quantity of water drank by the SAHNA community.


Total number of 1 on 1 nutritional consultations given to our members.


Total number of steps. Our members have increased their step totals by 77% from their initial baseline.

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The Importance of a wellness index

SAHNA’s 3 high-level metrics of success are: 1. The health risk profile of specific client companies that we work with. 2. The productivity of specific client companies that we work with. 3. The Harvard School of Public Health’s SHINE (Sustainability and Health in Net-Positive Enterprises) Wellness Index. While two of these metrics are mainly formalized…


Unreasonable Institute

In the Spring of 2015, SAHNA was one of fourteen startups selected to the 2nd class of Unreasonable Institute Mexico. The Unreasonable Institute is one of the most-competitive startup accelerators in the world and focuses on social impact entrepreneurs and scaling these ventures to impact over a million people. Over 237 companies applied to be…


Frijolito and water

An inspirational union representative, known as Frijolito or little bean by his fellow workers and friends, has been one of the greatest success stories in the SAHNA program at the Grupo Bimbo Azcapotzalco plant. One of the most-outspoken and friendly of the labor union delegates, he has been voted by his fellow laborers to represent…



The SAHNA program connects the dots in terms of health, productivity and social responsibility; that’s why CTM is a proud partner of SAHNA. -Gerardo Cortes