Unreasonable Institute

In the Spring of 2015, SAHNA was one of fourteen startups selected to the 2nd class of Unreasonable Institute Mexico. The Unreasonable Institute is one of the most-competitive startup accelerators in the world and focuses on social impact entrepreneurs and scaling these ventures to impact over a million people. Over 237 companies applied to be a part of the 2015 Mexico class, and SAHNA is thrilled to be a part of the final selection and learn from the institute’s vast resources and mentors.

While we have been in talks with many different investors, the majority of them are funds that are more traditional and focused on the bottom line; therefore, the Unreasonable Institute allows SAHNA to become very well-acquainted with the impact investing sector. At SAHNA, we view our model as very much socially-conscious and focused on creating societal benefits that are not often easily quantifiable. For example, the first “unlocked” incentive in the SAHNA wellness program is a home water filter. Our mission is not only to improve wellness habits through championing health programs in companies, but also to have lasting societal impacts.

We are excited to meet with more investors that share our values and quantify the broader positive social impacts. Home water filters are a crucial tools for our users reaching their SAHNA health and wellness goals, but they also provide access to clean water which is a human right. The costs that are avoided– whether it be families saving money by drinking free water in place of buying sugary beverages, or Mexican Social Security having less costs associated with complicated type 2 diabetes cases– are multifaceted and far-reaching.