Frijolito and water

An inspirational union representative, known as Frijolito or little bean by his fellow workers and friends, has been one of the greatest success stories in the SAHNA program at the Grupo Bimbo Azcapotzalco plant. One of the most-outspoken and friendly of the labor union delegates, he has been voted by his fellow laborers to represent the 200 workers that oversee the production of bread. While Frijolito is a prideful man, there is one aspect of his life that has held back his confidence; he is obese.

As the SAHNA program continued to gain more and more members, Frijolito was one of the few holdouts. Like many others, he thought the program was only for overweight workers and would be too much of a commitment.

After running the pilot program with 25 laborers, Frijolito was proud to be the first person to sign up when we expanded our services to 100 members. As he joined the program, we asked him why he was so motivated? He explained that he had seen improvements not only in his workers’ emotional and physical well-being, but also in his own health as he had quietly reduced his consumption of coca-cola from 2 Liters per day to one 750-ml bottle in lieu of drinking more water.