Grupo Bimbo – Labor Union Workers vs. Office Workers

Project Details

SAHNA works with Grupo Bimbo in the Azcapotzalco manufacturing plant. After originally presenting its wellness concept to Grupo Bimbo in November of 2013, SAHNA began a pilot with 25 workers in September of 2014. This first pilot served as a learning period as this original group was very diverse– working in many different roles.

The health tools used in this program were:
1. Reusable water bottles.
2. Pedometers
3. The SAHNA wellness application.
4. Nutritional checkups and personalized meal plans.

Impact: After a pilot period of 4 months, SAHNA saw an average weight loss of 1.7 KGs per participant, an increase of physical activity (steps) by 77%, and, most importantly, 100% participation and wonderful response from the group that confirmed our wellness model.

Moving Forward: Furthermore, SAHNA gained the experience and know-how to expand the program to more than 250 workers in early 2015.