CTM – Sindicato de Harineros y Panifacadores

Project Details

In addition to working with CTM-represented workers in the Azcapotzalco plant, SAHNA has been hired to facilitate a wellness program at the offices of the CTM Sindicato of Harineros and Panificadores (bread labor union). After seeing the wellness impacts with the workers they represent and hearing positive feedback from workers, the bread labor union administrators decided to contract SAHNA. Operations with the 40 office workers began in February of 2015 and the contract is for 1 year.

The health tools used in this program:
1. Reusable water bottles.
2. Pedometers
3. The SAHNA wellness application.
4. Nutritional checkups and personalized meal plans.
5. SAHNA’s healthy kitchen consulting.
6. Wellness Survey– in collaboration with the Harvard School of Public Health’s SHINE program.

● SAHNA has had 100% participation in the program and has done a baseline analysis of wellness with the workers.
● At the beginning, the average BMI of this group was 31– obese!
● The first impacts of the program will be online after 6 months of operation.